Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Minecraft Cheats - A quick Minecraft cheats video which shows you how to glitch up through a wall. Very useful for PvP servers. Visit us for more up to date and working Minecraft Cheats

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Minecraft Cheats

If you've found your way to my little blogspot (read: tiny unread blog :( ) then you're likely trying to find some minecraft cheats or perhaps you're trying to learn more about them. The game (minecraft that is) is getting amazingly popular these days it's getting thousands of sales a day. If it keeps going at this rate then minecraft itself could be the next 'wow killer' which would be pretty awesome if you think about it.

The game has so much possibility for expansion and growth, Minecraft is what second life should have been. And minecraft cheats can transform the game from something great to something amazing. The game is a freeing form of free play and escapism. Even on the hardcore PvP servers the game is laid back and allows you to do what you want. In fact from the moment you enter the game no tutorial is screaming 'OI DO THIS NOW' - you can do what you want and minecraft cheats just facilitate that.

So you've got this world where you can do what you like. You can spend hours mining and building astounding structures and making youtube videos (there's a really high level of minecraft machinia out there) or you can destroy and burn everything in your path. Heck why stop there - you can do both. Minecraft cheats just help you do whatever you want to do faster. They let you see through walls to find those rare materials, they let you fly through the air or shoot through the ground. Heck some minecraft cheats even allow you to dupe your items and get as much as you want.

Some people also consider mods as minecraft hacks (since technically - they are) and these can really change your game. Everything from adding guns and sentry turrets to world bosses and dungeons to raid. Minecraft is a completly open game and using minecraft cheats just makes it even more so. You get the feeling of being a god in your own little virtual world - and regardless of the people who cry 'ZOMGS YOU CHEATTTSSSS' on forums - it's your game - play it your way.

The times people really start to get annoyed is when people bring minecraft cheats onto the multiplayer online games. That's when people start to be affected by the hacks (not all of them work online - but enough of them do to cause a difference on a server). There are some open anarchy servers out there which allows you to cheat. in fact I saw a server called CheatCraft out there even. If you want to cheat online then these servers are usually your best bet. Turning up to a whitelisted minecraft server with a minecraft cheat running is never going to end well.

Although on that point, some minecraft cheats (such as the widely spread texture pack hack) is not visable to anyone but you. So many people use this kind of thing it's usually an open topic within servers. It gives a serious advantage over other players though and can shaves hours of mining time to get what you need from a server. Several of my friends and I joined in a server using gold as a currency. Within a few hours of using a texture hack we had more gold than the majority of the server. Some people also use the more noticable minecraft cheat such as the flying hack and keep themselves down in their own mines or out of the way of other players, your problem here is server stall can teleport (known as tp in minecraft) to you and catch you in the act.

All sorts of players use minecraft cheats these days - it's just becoming part of the game and servers who don't want it on their servers need to work hard.